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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I hire you?

We start with a brief questionnaire. Please provide as much information as possible about your project. A member of our team will reach out to you to schedule a phone chat to ask any questions we may have. The designers will then review your project and let you know if we are able to accept. At that time, a meeting will be scheduled to review and sign the Design Agreement.

How far in advance of my project should I reach out to you?

Seriously. You can’t call us soon enough. We can feel the disappointment when someone has waited to call us and then our timelines just don’t match up. So go ahead and fill out that questionnaire and put yourself on our radar!

How long is your wait list, and how do I get on it?

We typically book about three to six months out, at a minimum, depending on the project size. That said, our wait list can (and does!) change, so it’s always worth filling out our project questionnaire to see if we can work on your project.

Can you come to my house and take a look first?

Due to the sheer volume of inquiries we receive, we are only able to visit the homes of clients who have retained us as their design team.

I don't need a "full" design service, can I help with the design / selections / etc?

As a full-service firm, we engage only in full-service design which means we design independently and then present our recommendations to you as a whole. Consultant and/or collaborative work are not a part of our structure. We recommend that hands-on clients reach out to an e-design service to help out with their project.

Can you make your selections from Pottery Barn / RH / etc so I can purchase everything on my own?

We are highly focused on projects where we have the opportunity to express our creative vision independent of mainstream retail and are accepting projects where the client wants the same. Additionally, because we have the appropriate licensing in place, our clients acquire merchandise directly from Feather Hill Interiors which eliminates a host of potential logistical issues. If you are interested in purchasing from retail stores, we recommend using an e-design service for your project.

Can I re-use some of my old furniture in the new space?

When doing a complete room design, prefer projects where we can start from scratch rather than work around a piece that we likely would not have selected ourselves, which can be tricky because more often than not it dictates the entire direction of the room. That said, we absolutely understand that family heirlooms and other special pieces need consideration, so let us know ahead of time and we can plan for it!

I love design and know exactly what I want, I’m just too busy to do it. Can you help me execute my vision?

We love a kindred spirit! However, if you have a highly specific vision in your mind, we would encourage you to engage a collaborative service or e-design. Our role is not just in execution and logistics, but also in creative direction and vison implementation. Our goal is for our clients to want and value our design expertise.

I have never done this before and hiring a designer is overwhelming. What should I expect?

We are here to take this entire burden off your shoulders. We assure you that what may be overwhelming to you, is simply just another “day in the life” for us! We have the all the tools and resources necessary to deliver a stunning space that you will love.

Can you use my vendor for materials and merchandise?

We regularly have several projects going on at once, which means we speak with and meet with our vendors and installers frequently to ensure all bases are covered at all times. It’s a smooth, seamless way to conduct our business, especially because our vendors know what we like, how we work, and what we expect of them with regards to our extremely high standards. For these reasons, our company policy is that we only engage directly with our own vendors for furniture, window coverings, carpet/tile, light fixtures, and countertops/stone.

Can I just get a room design now, and purchase/install later?

We are unable to accept this type of project. To maintain project flow and time planning, we accept projects that are able to proceed from start to finish without interuption.

I’m only available on evenings and weekends. Can you work with me?

We feel you on this! That said, like many businesses, we only take meetings and calls during regular business hours, Monday through Friday—but we would love to work with you if you can make that happen!

My partner and I have two totally different styles. Can you help us?

First of all, welcome to a very… very… VERY large club of people who have differing styles and are living in the same home. During our design launch meeting, we will do our best to find out what works and doesn’t work for both clients. Your homework, however, is to review our style spectrum and have an open-minded chat about what you’re both looking to get out of the design prior to our meeting. This will help the designers better understand each person’s position and make suggestions that could lead to happiness all around.

My style is different from Feather Hill Interiors. Can I send you some pictures of what I like and have you go off that?

We love and appreciate the many design styles out there in the universe. We do ask that you engage us because you love our style specifically, which is on the transitional spectrum. The recommendations we make will be tailored to you but will always look like our signature FHI style. If you’re not sure if our styles match up, take a look at this chart—or just ask!

I love this room that you did for someone else! Can you do this in my house?

We are so flattered when potential clients love our work. At Feather Hill Interiors we LOVE the opportunity to be creative (and take the process seriously!). However, we are unable to copy or reproduce our previous work in your house out of respect for our past clients, who engaged us with the understanding that their design would be special to them. (By the way—your design won’t go in someone else’s house, either!)

Does this mean you won’t use something you used in my design ever again?

Our room designs are the collective, unique combination and interpretation of hundreds of elements in one single space to create an overall look that you will love. Because it would be impossible not to, some of these individual elements will surely be used again, in a reinvented and reinterpreted way that has our signature look to it but is unique to that particular client. You can rest assured that every item we have considered and suggested for your space is the item that we truly believe is the most appropriate, and your overall room design will absolutely not be replicated in the future.

What's your style?

We encourage your to view our Instagram feed prior to reaching out to see if you like what we share on social media. Feather Hill Interiors as a whole is decidedly transitional. We look at style as a spectrum, with two axis. You can see our spectrum here. Our designs range from rustic to refined, and classic/traditional to moderately contemporary. If you love our style, then we would love to hear from you!

Why do you present your designs as a whole, instead of showing me things individually?

We are acutely aware of our clients excitement and desire to get going on a few items, or see what we are working on during our design process. The reality is that planning and designing a room is very much like a puzzle; we move, re-work, and trade pieces in during the design process to create a perfectly cohesive space that we know our client will love. For this reason, we wait until the puzzle is complete to present the selections to our client. Further, in our experience, individual elements rarely (if ever) indicate the tone or feel of an entire room, particularly in transitional decor. This makes it even more important that the pieces are presented together to show how each coordinates and contributes to the space as a whole.

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