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Our Best Amazon Finds: Home Office

Thinking it's time to level up your personal workspace or kids homework space? We've got you covered!

We're working from home and it has us thinking about desk set-ups and workspaces for the family. If you're telecommuting like us, you might be sharing your workspace with cereal crumbs at the kitchen table, or maybe you've commandeered the sofa alongside your new co-worker, the family dog.

With budget and simplicity in mind, we've scoured Amazon to put together a list of fresh finds in case you'd like to create your own personal oasis. The best news? Everything is less than $500 total.

This setup is so versatile that you can add it to a kid's bedroom, pop it in the basement, or even temporarily repurpose an existing unused space in your home. You can also expand to a co-working environment by adding another table (or two!).

Studio Desk | White Office Chair | Desktop Organizer | Linen Pinboard

White & Gold Stapler | Plant | Desk Mat | Gold Task Lamp | Woven File Bin

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