Creating a design concept for a client is the art of translating an individual's personal style into a cohesive, stunning space that speaks to them. This axis shows the major factors we take into consideration during concept development.

The horizontal axis is the spectrum that ranges from TRADITIONAL to CONTEMPORARY. Traditional design is classic, lasting, and beautiful. Contemporary design is current, clean, and on-trend. But that's not all! There are many points in between, and we ask our clients to give us a feeling for where they fall on the spectrum. Mostly classic with a few clean pieces? Super contemporary lines with a gorgeous antique mirror? These are varying points on the horizontal axis.

The vertical axis is the refinement bar that measures a client's desire for finishes and decor that range from RUSTIC to REFINED. Maybe you go crazy for reclaimed wood, love vintage finishes, or can't get enough velvet. These are all varying points on the horizontal axis. Where do you fall?


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