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Located in Stevenson, Maryland, Feather Hill Interiors offers full-service interior design throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, the Delaware Beaches, and beyond the region on a limited basis. Principal Designers Genevieve Wilner and Ashley Mutch have developed a reputation for their fresh take on transitional style, as well as their seamless, client-centered process. Each space they touch is designed with an elegance that transcends aesthetics. Their work is founded in the belief that luxury is a relative concept, and that great design is found in the details that make your home yours.


The Feather Hill Interiors team offers a comprehensive room design experience. Genevieve and Ashley specialize in the thoughtful creation of timeless spaces, marrying effortless livability with a distinctly elevated feel.


Green AP Certified

Green Leaders


Ashley is best known for her ability to combine enduring style with comfort and customization. Her intimate understanding of interiors has been cultivated by her diverse travels and time spent living in iconic cities—places like Nashville, New York City, and Florence, Italy.  Her international travels have led her to countries like Thailand, Peru, Israel, and France, providing a unique exposure to diverse people groups, places and cultures. These opportunities have profoundly influenced her aesthetic, which favors quality, craftsmanship, and connection over rigid style distinctions. A Baltimore native, Ashley holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and a law degree from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, where she honed the business expertise that she brings to the firm. After completing several home renovations, she took the creative leap, pursuing her passion of interior design and co-founding Feather Hill Interiors. Each FHI design is injected with her layered style and cultured sense of home.


Ashley is also a wife and mom to three young children, and can appreciate the needs of a busy household. In her free time, she can be found baking with her kids, entertaining family and friends, and seizing any opportunity to plan their family’s next exploration.


Every space Genevieve touches is a subtle nod to her childhood on the southeast coast of Florida. From an early age, she was captivated by the beauty of transformation and found herself regularly dreaming of new ways to rearrange, paint, and decorate her childhood bedroom. She carried her fondness for design to each of her dwellings at the University of Maryland and after, to her own homes, where small projects became large renovations over time. Eventually, Genevieve’s love of home led her to become a real estate agent with expertise in high-end properties as well as a Certified Interior Decorator, positioning herself as a valuable resource for both her investment property and home-buying clients. Upon co-founding Feather Hill Interiors, she completely transitioned from real estate to interior design, and her passion became a treasured career. Genevieve’s signature style is a refined take on coastal, with organic, textural elements and an effortless refinement. It is best described as livable luxury, a casual take on sophisticated interiors. Every space she designs is a reflection of her thoughtful process and her penchant for curating an environment that is collected, comfortable, and aspirational.


In her free time, Genevieve enjoys spending quality moments with her children, practicing yoga, and envisioning her next exciting home project.

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